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"Our company has been activating in the iron and spin off products sector since 1990. We started producing decorative wrought iron products, accessories and machines in 1996, and we continue our service with a product range of over 3000 types. We see our exportations as an indicator of our quality and continue our res.-dev. studies with might and main. We will keep presenting our decorative wrought iron products, accessories and machine products to the international market by preserving our innovative identity. You imagine and let us manufacture. Cengizler Ltd. Co. OUR MISSION is to preserve and improve the position of our company within Turkey and around the world market by increasing the quality of our products in decorative wrought iron products, accessories and machinery manifacturing sector and by accelerating the res.-dev. works and rerifying the products in machine production sector. OUR VISION is to preserve our leadership in the sector by giving priority to customer satisfaction and improving our company in accordance with the needs of the of the current age, to continue our investments on technology, and be a company that is wanted in the international markets."

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Soner Faruk CENGIZ marifetidir.

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